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Appalachian Studies Association’s newsletter, called Appalink since the second issue, is published twice a year, keeping members up-to-date on relevant information, happenings, and events such as the annual Appalachian Studies Conference. Important conference details are always published in Appalink, like the location and theme. Most issues of the newsletter feature a message from the current ASA president on topics ranging from volunteer opportunities to environmental concerns. While Appalink has changed in layout, content, and length over time, it continues to bring news of the ASA to its membership bi-annually. 

Photographer Sabrina L. Greene

Appalink Editor:
Jordan Lovejoy


Managing Editor:

Mary K. Thomas (


Assistant Managing Editor:

Ann E. Bryant


Jordan Lovejoy is an American Council of Learned Societies Emerging Voices Fellow, Southern Futures Assistant Director, and Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She holds a PhD in English with an interdisciplinary specialization in folklore from Ohio State University and studied English, Spanish, and Women's & Gender Studies as an undergraduate at West Virginia University. Her hometown is Pineville, West Virginia. Lovejoy is interested in environmental folklife, engaged ethnography, and literature and artistic 

expression of Appalachia and the American South. Her work explores literary and vernacular forms of environmental storytelling, flood narratives, strategies for climate change

communication, and environmental justice action and advocacy work. She is currently working on a book project that examines what flood stories in Appalachia reveal about how people negotiate belief in relation to climate change, activism, and social and environmental justice. Lovejoy has also worked with several community-focused programs and projects like the Liberal Arts Engagement Hub at the University of Minnesota, the Affective Currents Environmental Humanities Institute at Dartmouth College, the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation’s Central Appalachia Living Traditions program, the Ohio Field School project at Ohio State's Center for Folklore Studies, and with the Wyoming East High School theater and Friends of the Earth after-school programs in Wyoming County, West Virginia. She currently works with the Center for the Study of the American South at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Previous Editors of Appalink:

1978: Sharon Lord (University of Tennessee)

1979-1980: Anne Campbell (University of Kentucky)

1981-1983: James M. Gifford (Morehead State University)

1984-1986: Richard Blaustein (East Tennessee State University)

1987-1988: Carl A. Ross (Appalachian State University)

1989-1990: Sallie Miller Weaver (Appalachian State University)


1991-1993: John Inscoe (University of Georgia)


1993-1995: Sandra Ballard (Carson-Newman College)


1995-1998: Danny Miller (Northern Kentucky University)


1999-2001: William (Bill) Klaus (West Virginia University)


2002-2004: Linda Spatig (Marshall University)


2004-2008: Mary Jo Graham (Marshall University)


2008-2009: Kevin Barksdale (Marshall University)


2009-2011: Mary Jo Graham (Marshall University)


2011-2019: Eryn Roles (Marshall University)

2019-2023: Anne Chesky Smith (Western Carolina Historical Association)

2023-Current: Jordan Lovejoy (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Past Issues of Appalink

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