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photo credit: Katherine Ledford

International Connections


photo credit: Katherine Ledford


The International Connections Committee consists of a chairperson and at least five ASA members appointed by the ASA President to three-year rotating terms. At least three of the committee members have experience with international scholarship and/or activism. Additional scholars/activists from abroad who are not members of ASA may serve at the chairperson’s discretion in a non-voting capacity.


The International Connections Committee raises the profile of ASA and the field of Appalachian Studies internationally; supports connections between Appalachia studies and mountain studies globally; circulates the ASA preliminary call for papers internationally; advises and assists conference planners with the logistics of working with international participants; and organizes at least one comparative mountain studies session each year at the ASA conference.

International Mountain Day 2023

La Nariz del Diablo.jpg

photo credit: Yndiana Montes-Fogelquist

International Mountain Day is celebrated on December 11th, but till then, come along as Yndiana takes you on a journey to celebrate not just the Appalachian Mountains, but the mountains of the world! Join us as we embark on a celebration that highlights the mountains and mountain communities around the world!

A social media campaign by ASA Intern, Yndiana Montes-Fogelquist

As we look toward International Mountain Day, we pause to appreciate and celebrate the mountains around us — American mountains are wonderful, and the Appalachian Mountains are our pride and joy. There’s nothing better than to climb them, photograph them, walk in them, breathe while contemplating them, bundle up while enjoying them (especially now in the fall.) And also, to remember we share many commonalities with other mountaineers around the world.

As International Mountain Day is celebrated on December 11th, we're starting a social media campaign not only about our beloved mountains and communities, but also to highlight and celebrate the mountains and mountain communities around the world.


Focusing on how stories are told in mountain literature and cultures, and on dispelling stereotypes, we believe this campaign will offer fruitful discussion and reflection on mountain studies and Appalachian studies. 

In the upcoming weeks we will be sharing features on the Appalachian Mountains, or on an individual who works in our mountains and for the mountains. It can be an author, a book, an artist, a band . . . our range is very broad. We also will feature mountains from abroad, and the culture or traditions around them. The idea is that we learn and compare challenges with other mountain  communities. So welcome to this initiative that we're embracing in the Appalachian Studies Association, and join us as we look toward International Mountain Day!

International Mountain Day Campaign 2023:


Grandfather Mountain, NC

On November 3, 2023, graduate students of Dr. Katherine Ledford’s Global Appalachia class at Appalachian State University had the opportunity to tour Grandfather Mountain in depth.

"The Alps" by Yndiana Montes-Fogelquist

"Maria Lionza" by Yndiana Montes-Fogelquist

Previous Meet-Ups for International Mountain Day

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