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About Appalachian Studies Association

The mission of the Appalachian Studies Association is to promote and engage dialogue, research, scholarship, education, creative expression, and action among a diverse and inclusive group of scholars, educators, practitioners, grassroots activists, students, individuals, groups and institutions. Our mission is driven by our commitment to foster quality of life, democratic participation and appreciation of Appalachian experiences regionally, nationally and internationally.

Any member of the ASA may submit a written suggestion for making a change to the bylaws. Submissions should include a description of the change and an explanation for the change. The Steering Committee will then discuss the suggestion. If approved by the Steering Committee, the change will be included in the ASA newsletter. The change will then be voted on either at the conference or by mail and must be approved by two-thirds of the membership voting to become an amendment to the bylaws. (adapted from Article XVI of ASA Bylaws).

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Click here for a previous version of the Bylaws updated in 2020.

ASA consists of different committees to carry out the business of the association.

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Before there was an Appalachian Studies Association, there was an annual Appalachian Studies Conference (ASC). The ASA is actually a result of the activism, discussion, and organizing of various groups centered on the study of Appalachian life, culture, and scholarship ranging from the Council on the Southern Mountains in 1900 to the Cratis D. Williams Symposium in Boone, NC, in 1976 (Brown et. al 31). Formed in 1978, the ASC continued the work that was begun by Appalachian activists and scholars in the early 1900s 

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