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March 16-19, 2023
Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

46th Annual Conference

AppalachiaFest: From Surviving to Thriving

The 46th Annual ASA Conference will explore the theme "From Surviving to Thriving" by celebrating the many successes that have renewed the region in more recent times. Special sessions of the conference invite participants to explore progress that has been made in many areas such as healthcare, the economy, education, and the environment. Those living, studying, and working in Appalachia should ask themselves what more can be done in these areas and how do we engage community partners both inside and outside the region in this mission? How do we include everyone in the goal to make Appalachia a region that is celebrated nationwide? Come and explore these ideas together in Athens, Ohio at "AppalachiaFest" in 2023. 

Athens, Ohio

ASA comes to Athens, Ohio for the first time in its 46 year history to be held on the beautiful campus of Ohio University. Ohio University was founded in 1804 as the first University in the Northwest Territory and has a long history of serving students from both in and outside the Appalachian region. Enjoy the beautiful hills of Athens with its unique culture, local food and drink options, and many recreational opportunities. Ohio University is situated just a short walk to a variety of uptown restaurants and shops. 

Conference Registration

Register by February 28, 2023. 


  • Regular: $165

  • Students: $110

Late registration March 1, 2023 - March 7, 2023

Late Registration:

  • Regular: $205

  • Students: $150

2023 Merchandise

Preorder by February 1, 2023! 

Get in your order for these amazing shirts and tote bags from Mountain Mindful for AppalachiaFest: From Surviving to Thriving! 


Additional Conference Events


Join us for a 5k Fun Run on Saturday, March 18th at 7:30am.  Registrants will receive additional information about the meeting place and route.  This event is free but pre-registration is encouraged. 



Join us for the annual Drag Show on Saturday, March 18th at 8:00pm held at the Southeast Ohio History Center located at 24 W. State Street, Athens. Entry fee is $13.00/person and all proceeds raised will benefit scholarship funds. (Event is 18+ only as it contains adult content and partial nudity).


The following are additional events on behalf of the ASA Conference. These events are free of charge, however registration spots are limited.

March 18th at 730am (3).png
Drag & Burlesque Show (3).png
FB Acid Mine Drainage (3).png

Howard Dorgan Silent Auction

We need your support!

The silent auction welcomes crafts, quilts, woodwork, memorabilia, pottery, home-canned and baked goods, spirits, event tickets, music, art, getaway opportunities, gently-used and new books, and more! 

This year, the auction takes place online using a platform called BetterWorld. This platform allows you to upload information about your donation here

To participate in this year's auction, you will need to create an account here and payments will be completed electronically. 

Howard Dorgan Silent Auction (1).png

A Big Thank You to This Year's Sponsors! 

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Logo created by Nicki Mazzoca and Passionworks.

Image courtesy of Ohio University. 

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