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Appalachian Studies Association 2017 Conference Award Winners

The Cratis D. Williams/James S. Brown Service Award (2017) Jo B. Brown

Weatherford Awards (2016) Non-Fiction: Reconstruction’s Ragged Edge by Steven E. Nash Fiction: The Birds of Opulence by Crystal Wilkinson Poetry: Believe What You Can by Marc Harshman

The Helen M. Lewis Community Service Award (2016) Mary Kay Thomas

The Jack Spadaro Documentary Award (2016) Blood on the Mountain, directed by Jordan Freeman and Mari-Lynn C. Evans

The Carl A. Ross Student Paper Award (2017) Dana Schlanger

Stephen L. Fisher Award for Excellence in Teaching (2016) Post-Secondary: Alan Banks Post-Secondary: Dwight B. Billings

The e-Appalachia Award (2016) Inside Appalachia, awarded to producers Roxy Todd and Jessica Lilly

Gates-Carawan Artist Award No award presented for 2017

Wilma Dykeman Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Not enough financial support to award for 2017

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