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The Wide Reach of Appalachia

2012, March 23-25

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA

The Center for Northern Appalachian Studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) invites participation in the 35th annual Conference of the Appalachian Studies Association, to be held on the IUP campus in Indiana, Pennsylvania (about 55 miles northeast of Pittsburgh). As mapped by the Appalachian Regional Commission, Appalachia extends as far north as New York State, but this will be the first time that a national ASA conference has met anywhere to the north of Morgantown, West Virginia. It has been said that in the minds of many people, “Appalachia is always somewhere to the south”—but in reality, Appalachia is to the north, too. We especially encourage proposals on any aspect of northern Appalachia—but also, considering “The Wide Reach of Appalachia,” proposals about the Appalachian diaspora and about Appalachian influences and connections in other parts of the country. We want to celebrate the “Wide Reach” of Appalachian studies in general and, in non-exclusive fashion, will welcome a wide diversity of topics ranging throughout our whole interdisciplinary field of study.

Keynote Speaker: Si Kahn

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