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Annotated Bibliography on Appalachian English

  • Source: Virginia Tech’s Digital Library and Archives

  • Coverage: Includes work from late 1800s through late 1900s

  • Description: Includes 12 topics related to Appalachian language; Based on James B. McMillan and Michael B. Montgomery’s Annotated Bibliography of Southern American English

  • Link:

An Appalachian Bibliography and Resource Guide

  • Source: Michael Maloney

  • Coverage: early 1800s through early 2000s

  • Description: Includes bibliographies, filmographies, anthologies, periodicals, festivals, and curricular guides on various Appalachian topics.

  • Link:

Appalachian Literature General Bibliography

  • Source: Annie Merner Pfieffer Library at West Virginia Wesleyan College

  • Coverage: 1934-2003

  • Description: Nonfiction books on Appalachian Literature

  • Link:

Appalachian Studies Bibliography

  • Source: West Virginia University Libraries

  • Coverage: 1994-Present

  • Description: Thousands of Citations on 25 topics; Includes both books and journal articles (updated annually)

  • Link:

The Bibliography of Appalachia

  • Source: John R. Burch, Jr.

  • Coverage: Unknown

  • Description: Book which includes “more than 4,700 books, articles, monographs, and dissertations, topically arranged and indexed”

Marie Tedesco's Selected Bibliography

  • Source: East Tennessee State University’s Archives of Appalachia

  • Coverage: 1960-Present

  • Description: Guide to articles, essays, books, journals, and anthologies on Appalachia since 1960

  • Link: Download PDF here

People of Appalachia: A Research Bibliography

  • Source: Jennifer Kuehn, OSU

  • Coverage: 1980-1988

  • Description: Includes approximately 450 entries on various Appalachian topics arranged by category. Includes index of authors.

Southern Central Appalachian English

Urban Appalachian Council Bibliography and Working Papers

  • Source: Urban Appalachian Council

  • Coverage: Selections from 1937-Present

  • Description: Selected works from books, articles, repots, websites, dissertations, and serials

  • Link:

Women in Tennessee History: A Bibliography

  • Source: Ken Middleton, Middle Tennessee State University Library

  • Coverage: Last updated 2005

  • Description: Includes books, journals, papers, and multimedia

  • Link:

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