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Call for Officer & Steering Committee Nominations 

Your nominations are needed for ASA officers and Steering Committee members. The ASA bylaws call for the annual nomination and election of officers. Any member of ASA may nominate a fellow member to serve. 

ASA is seeking nominations for the following elected positions: 

Vice President/President Elect

Vice President/President Elect is a three-year term. This person chairs the nominating committee (2023-2024). During the second year as the 2024-2025 President, this person negotiates the conference location, presides at all meetings, directs fundraising, serves as a spokesperson, and serves on the Steering Committee. This person serves their final year as Past President (2025-2026).

One Y'ALL Steering Committee Member (2023-2025)

One Y’ALL Steering Committee Member to serve for two years. Y’ALL Steering Committee members act as co-chairs of the Young Appalachian Leaders and Learners committee and work collaboratively with the president in support of the conference.

Treasurer (2023-2026)

Treasurer provides financial oversight of the association’s funds, accounts, and policy through the administrative office. The treasurer presents an assessment of the financial condition of the ssociation at each annual meeting and at other times when requested. The treasurer examines the books, provides reports, and maintains IRS documents with the assistance of the administrative office. The treasurer, working with the association’s Executive Director and CPA, files all forms required by the Internal Revenue Service in a timely and accurate fashion.

How to Make a Nomination

Make sure the nominee is willing to serve and understands the commitment involved. 

Write a 100-word biography of the nominee that includes their involvement in Appalachian studies and/or ASA (This paragraph will be included in the spring Appalink with the ballot). You may also submit a photograph. 

Self nominations are welcome. 

Send your nomination(s) to Travis Rountree, ASA vice president, by December 15, 2022

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