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Awards Committee

Membership and Duties

The role of the Awards Chairperson is to coordinate the publicity, nomination, selection, and presentation process for the awards given by the ASA. The chair will serve as master of ceremonies each year at the Appalachian Studies Conference to ensure meaningful yet efficient presentation of the awards. The Award’s Chair will also be certain of which recipients will be present. If there are co-chairpersons for this committee, only one co-chairperson will be a voting member of the Steering Committee.

For more information about The Awards Committee's members, Annual Conference involvement and other documents, click here.

Beth Nardella

Awards Chair

Dr. Beth Nardella is an Associate Professor in the School of Medicine at West Virginia University. She has been teaching discipline-specific science writing for over fifteen years in the Division of Exercise Physiology. Her research focuses on power and resistance dynamics in Appalachia. Her most recent project investigated why people stay in West Virginia. She serves as Director of Global Education and Service Learning for the Department of Human Performance and facilitates trips to communities in Southern West Virginia to foster student understanding of local-global dynamics. For the 2022 ASA Conference in Morgantown, Nardella planned and organized the Maker Space, receiving grants for the DIY printmaking stations, the artist showcase, and the performance space. 

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