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Conference Parking 

Lots are reserved for guests to park on Thursday and Friday at no cost. Instead of issuing permits, the lots are first come, first served. Parking on Saturday and Sunday is free.


Look for the parking lot signage and note the lot color on the sign. The lots for the conference are designated as “dark green” or “purple.” Pictures of signage below.


























These lots include:

  • Peden lot (referred to as District Water Cooling #132 on map)

  • Walter Fieldhouse lot (referred to as Lausche Heating Plant #133 on map)

  • Convocation lot (referred to as Softball Complex and West Green Practice Facility #127 and #128 on map)


There is a parking placard attached to this letter; please display this on your dash when you move your car to long-term parking.


If there is another event that requires paid parking, there may be attendants. Tell attendants that you are attending the Appalachian Studies Association Conference or display your placard.


Permits are not required on Saturday and Sunday for any dark green or purple lots. All other lots will be monitored on the weekend. All lots are color-coded on the map. If you park in a metered spot on campus, you are responsible for paying the meter fee–which is enforced seven days a week.


Green lot.jpg
Purple lot.jpg
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