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Special Collections Committee

The Special Collections Committee is composed of a chairperson and other members, currently at 10. Interested individuals may request membership by contacting the chair. Service appointments are for a three year rotating term. The Editor of the Appalachian Curator who shall be an ex-officio member of this committee.

Membership and Duties

Membership. Members of the Appalachian Curator editorial board will be appointed by the current editor of the Appalachian Curator who is appointed by the ASA president, and will be approved by the remaining members of the editorial board.

Duties. Publication of the Appalachian Curator digital newsletter. The committee will also work in collaboration with the Communications Committee to maintain information regarding archives and resources on the ASA website. The work of the committee also includes updating and continuing the work of the Special Collections committees that existed previously under the Appalachian Consortium. Committee work includes identifying and providing information about Appalachian repositories, facilitating the exchange of information between repositories, assessing the needs of larger and smaller repositories, and providing information and services to repositories. Tasks also include offering sessions at ASA meetings and encouraging and recognizing new scholarly work in the area that uses primary source materials.

For more information about The Special Collections Committee's members, Annual Conference involvement and other documents, click here.

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