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Scholarship Committee

Along with the input of ASA members and those on the Steering Committee, the Scholarship Committee is tasked with raising money to fund scholarships, deliberate on potential award recipients, and provide regular reports to the Steering Committee.

Membership and Duties

Membership. The scholarship committee shall consist of the chairperson and from three to six regular members appointed by the ASA president to rotating terms. The ASA Executive Director, Silent Auction Coordinator, and the vice president/president elect will also serve as ex officio, non voting members of the scholarship committee.

Duties. The scholarship committee shall receive all suggestions from ASA members, assist with fundraising for scholarships, devise and implement a mechanism for allocating funds raised for scholarships, and cooperate with the Treasurer and Executive Director in accounting for all scholarship funds dispersed. Decisions of the Scholarship Committee shall be communicated to the steering committee for its approval.

For more information about The Scholarship Committee's members, Annual Conference involvement and other documents, click here.

Stephen Turner

Scholarship Chairperson

Stephen Turner is a Ph.D. candidate pursuing a Literature and Cultural Studies doctorate at the University of Memphis. He is currently wrapping up his dissertation which explores the utilization of regional stereotypes by political and corporate entities and how these stereotypes help justify exploitative practices over the past one hundred years. This project examines the Tennessee Valley Authority, historical labor organization efforts within coal mining communities, mountaintop removal, and the Opioid crisis as a continual thread of regional exploitation. Stephen resides in Memphis, Tennessee where he works as a communications specialist for the local government. When not working, he can be found playing music or hanging with his wife, Brennah, and sixteen-year-old pug, Roscoe.

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