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International Committee

Membership and Duties

Membership. The International Connections Committee shall consist of a chairperson and at least five ASA members appointed by the ASA President to three-year rotating terms. At least three of the committee members must have experience with international scholarship and/or activism. Additional scholars/activists from abroad who are not members of ASA may serve at the chairperson’s discretion in a non-voting capacity.

Duties. The International Connections Committee will raise the profile of ASA and the field of Appalachian Studies internationally; support connections between Appalachia studies and mountain studies globally; circulate the ASA preliminary call for papers internationally; advise and assist conference planners with the logistics of working with international participants; and organize at least one comparative mountain studies session each year at the ASA conference.

For more information about The International Committee's members, Annual Conference involvement and other documents, click here.

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