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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides reports and financial recommendations to the ASA Steering Committee. The group also prepares 3-year financial projections for Steering Committee members to help them make prudent decisions about fiscal policy, revenue generation, and expenditures. Recommendations can include advice on membership and conference fees, financial matters related to the Journal of Appalachian Studies, input on the annual silent auction, and other items related to ASA operations. The committee also reviews the ASA Endowment policy biennially and makes recommendations for revisions, when necessary. Additionally, the committee provides input on fundraising activities for ASA. The president, vice president, treasurer, president-elect, and executive director of the ASA are all standing members. The chair of the Finance Committee is a voting member of the ASA Steering Committee. The current co-chairs are Rachel Terman, Ohio University, and Meredith McCarroll, Bowdoin College.

Membership and Duties

Membership. The finance committee shall consist of the chairperson and from three to six regular members appointed by the ASA president to rotating terms. The ASA treasurer, scholarship committee chairperson, liaison officer, and Vice President/President Elect shall serve as members of the committee; the Executive Director shall serve as a nonvoting member.

Duties. In conjunction with the treasurer and Executive Director, the finance committee shall develop three-year projected budgets for both the annual conference and the overall association, recommend and assist in the implementation of fundraising and development strategies, and respond to special requests from the Steering Committee. Recommendations of the finance committee shall be communicated to the steering Committee for its approval.

For more information about The Finance Committee's members, Annual Conference involvement and other documents, click here.

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